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  1. From an Android, iPhone or headphones fitted with a microphone on a PC or Mac computer .

  2. Click on the appropriate station link below. 

  3. The Inner Banks Media Opal page will load if the Internet is accessible.

  4. PC Users: Pull down to select the correct "Speaker and Microphone" on your home computer.  Skip to step #10

  5. Android and iPhone users click "Connect".  If this is the first occasion using Opal you will be prompted to download the Opal app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.   (There is no charge for this app)

  6. Click on "Get" or "Install" in the Play or App Store

  7. After download above is complete, return to this page and click on the applicable station link below.

  8. Once the Inner Banks Media logo shows one your screen click on "Open Opal Connect"

  9. Do not use your smartphone's "Speaker Phone" option.  Simply talk on the phone as you normally would.  (Ear buds with an inline microphone also work but with a lower audio quality)

  10. Click on "Connect To Host"

  11. You may be prompted to allow Opal to use your microphone, click "Ok".  (PC users might will see a small red circle with diagonal line through a microphone/camera icon in the browsers address bar.)

  12. After you allow use of your microphone you will be connected to the radio studio.   (Use the phone number of the Host or Producer to text and let them know you are connected)

  13. You will now be able to Hear and speak with the Host.  NOTE:  You are not "On Air" until you have been introduced by the Host.

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